Monday, November 1, 2010

Redbox on your phone!

Most people have seen those large soda machine things outside of McDonalds or Walmart. Only instead of getting a Pepsi you have the option to rent a movie for the cheap price of $1 per night plus tax. Redbox has taken over in regards to movie rentals putting Hollywood video and Blockbuster either out of business or on the verge. Their only main competitor is Netflix with online streaming, and even Redbox is looking into ways they can get on board with this feature as well.
Not only are they trying to set focus on online streaming, they are making a splash in social media as well. They send texts once a week with a coupon for a free movie rental. They have developed an app for iphone that lets you know where the closest Redbox locations are and what movies they have in them. They also post frequently on their facebook page, keeping the customers included by starting discussions based on movies. Toy Story 3 has been a recent topic along with ratings on movies.
From a marketing stand point, Redbox is doing everything they are supposed to right. They are giving out free incentives and are trying to get their customers involved by online discussions. Probably they main reason Blockbuster is now trying to conform to THEIR platform rather than the old uneffective way of renting movies.

1 comment:

  1. I have noticed a few Blockbuster "redbox like" machines. One outside a gas station on Campbell lane. I though that was strange. But I think they are a little too late. I mean who wants to drive to a grimy gas station to rent a movie, instead of a convenient place like Wal-Mart, Kroger, or McDonalds?

    As far as Redbox's social media usage. They do a great job keeping everyone informed on what movies are coming out and their Iphone apps are very helpful in finding them and the movie you want. You can even reserve a movie.