Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Old Spice Guy or Monster?

In class last week, we watched the video I have posted below about the Old Spice Guy. A funny 33 second video that has now reached over 1.6 million views, it has turned into an incredibily successful advertising campaign. I honestly don't think that anyone expected it to be as popular as it was. The video started a whole stream of twitter posts and Old Spice actually made videos as a response. The videos circulated all over the internet and email, only giving the company more and more free exposure.
Now, Old Spice is getting more attention on the news and online thanks to the video Grover from Sesame Street posted about "How to smell like a monster." The video clearly spoofs the original and plays off the same jokes only with the childish audience in mind. Of course this is a direct reference to pop culture and I don't excpect any of the kids to understand it. The video is mostly something the parents would pick up on. Either way it is amazing to think that a tiny Old Spice video can make such an impact on the online community. It has now even hit big by having a popular children's show create a spoof about it. Now we as viewers just have to decide who we think is cuter, The Old Spice Guy or Grover...
Smell like a monster  

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  1. I think these are great ads to get the audiences attention! If someone really like the commercial, then they are more than likely to share it with their friends and those friends will more than likely to share with their friends. I think this is the best way to advertise to the target market and when an ad can get a lot of attention like it is, it really helps the company compared to a ad gone bad.