Friday, October 15, 2010

US government uses social media to find fraud...
Hopefully you read the above article since it is really short. This whole idea is crazy! I think it is scary that social media has become so popular that government officials are now using it for very important jobs like this. Not to mention the security issue there, I don't think I want those people creeping around on facebook.
Also, I think this is a very very smart tactic. Its clever to use something considered for free time as a tool to catch people who are lying about their affairs and get a little more perspective on them.
It is very interesting how the article pointed out most of the time the government accounts will be added as friends because the people they are monitoring like the attention. Thankfully I never add anyone who I don't recognize. Just the whole idea that the government is using social media proves even more that it is not a fad and its here to stay.


  1. This is kind of crazy I wrote my blog about a similar article about how the US Homeland Security is using these social networking site. I find this concept that they are going through peoples profiles scary. I personally wouldn't want anyone going through my profile except for my friends. Thanks for the post.

  2. I think this is crazy too, but I don't know I am kinda on the fence..I can see how it is a good thing but also a scary and maybe not so good idea. Good article and blog, glad I saw this and read the article!